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  Father to Son  
Father to Son, the Same Mission : Build the Best Boat for the Owner

Tim Juan is the son of CM Juan, the founder of Ta Shing (formerly known as Shing Sheng) whose childhood playground was the boat yard were he grew up. Tim's formal education includes a Master of Industrial Engineering degree from Alabama University in 1982.

Tim has over 25 years experience in sales and management, and prior to taking the helm of Ta Shing he was the general manager of Taiwan's biggest food & beverage company for several years. In March, 2006, he was installed as president of Ta Shing at the request of Ta Shing board of directors and immediately introduced new construction techniques and management improvements to guide Ta Shing.

Tim's philosophy of management :

Give the best support for customers and let them enjoy seeing their dreams come true.

Provide a healthy and creative working environment to keep and attract the most talented workers in every aspect of the boat building business.

Added value is the goal for every boat constructed at Ta Shing.
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