About TaShing

The origins of TaShing can be traced back to the former Shing Sheng fishing boat building company established in 1957 and located alongside Anping Canal in Tainan. In 1977, TaShing has been set up to build good quality F.R.P. sailboats and powerboats in the recent location.

Being the long-term base and the pioneer boat builder in Taiwan to apply F.R.P. composite in building boats, TaShing has more than 30 sophisticated masters with over 25-year experience to perform their exceptional craftsmanship. Also, TaShing is open-minded to new materials for building boats. Since the 1970s, TaShing had launched self-own brands such as “Tashiba” and “Taswell” to provide good quality sailboats. Per the record in 1990, there were about 800 sailboats being exported to the world including America, Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

Since 1991, TaShing has cooperated with P.A.E. based in California USA to build Nordhavn, the fully customized long-range yacht with the extraordinary high-end specification.

Nordhavn website: Nordhavn